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Welcome to Minowa J.H.S.

10251, Nakaminowa, Minowa-machi, Kamiina-gun
Nagano, Japan
TEL 0265-79-2107
FAX 0265-79-2298

Sightseeing in Minowa 

Lake Momiji (made by students of 2-6 , 2017)

There is Lake Momiji in Minowa.
There are ten thousand maple trees around Lake Momiji.
There is a park, a plaza, ando a campsite there.
There are many events at Lake Momiji in Novwmber.
There is a light up at night from October to November.
There is an event called “Momiji-ko Yumematsuri (Dream Festival)” in the public plaza.
It will take about twenty minutes from Ihoku IC to Lake Momiji.
Please come here and visit!!

Nagata Dome

You can play tennis and soccer.
There are glass fields and soccer goals.
And there is a hot spring near Nagata Dome.
You can go there by bus.
You can use Nagata Dome at night, too.

Nagata Hot Spring

Many people visit here.
It has a hot spring for beautiful skin.
There is an outdoor obstacle course near Nagata Hot Spring,too.
So after playing there, we recommend you to take a bath.

Gashu- en

You can pick and eat grapes here.
There is no time limit.
You can enjoy BBQ.
You can buy and eat ramen, gohei-mochi, beer and so on, too.
The best season is fall.

Kayano High Lands

It is located in the east of Minowa.
It is about 1200m high.
You can see a beautiful view here.
You can look down on Minowa.
Climbing there is hard, but very exciting.
You can stay at the hotel, too.

Matsushima Shrine

It has big and old trees.
You can enjoy Matsushima Shrine festival in summer.
You can buy the BB guns. But the BB guns will soon break.
Matsushima Shrine is close to Minowa Junior High School,
so you can walk there from the school or Ina-matsushima Station.

The ruins of Fukuyo Castle

At the ruins of Fukuyo Castles, you can see cherry blossoms.
There are many cherry trees.
Spring is the best season for the ruins of Fukuyo Castle.
They are very beautiful.
You can play on the swings under the cherry trees.
It's very exciting.
You can enjoy Joyama Festival in May.

(written by 8th grade students in English class in March, 2017)